Helping your organisation improve diversity & inclusion

Through a data-driven and evidence-based approach


Why Equality Check


Equality Check Premium is a diagnostic tool to help you succeed with diversity and inclusion. Through a combination of data and analysis we provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of equality at your workplace. Quantitative and qualitative data identifies pain-points and opportunities to help you design a workplace where employees thrive.

Based on your organisation’s data Equality Check detects problem areas and provides evidence-based suggestions as to how you can improve. Our solutions are continuously updated with the latest research from the Center for Research on Gender Equality. As of 2021 we are compliant with the new Norwegian legislation “Aktivitets & Redegjørelelsesplikten” making it simple for every Norwegian corporation to comply with the law.

A comprehensive overview of gender equality in your company.

Detect problem areas and receive evidence-based suggestions on how to improve.

Improve your D&I strategy and reap the benefits!

Our customers include

Our founding partners contribute to and support our research with CORE (Centre for Research on Gender Equality) seeking to find solutions on how to improve diversity and inclusion.

Be better.

We help small, medium and large corporations who want to improve their D&I strategy. Research shows that diversity is correlated with improved innovation and profitability.


What do employees say about your workplace?

Visit to see how your employees rate equal opportunities, culture, inclusiveness, management and more at your organisation. We combine insights from both services to provide you with in depth analysis. Claim your company profile and get involved with the anonymous feedback you receive. It’s a great way to showcase your organisation to future talent!

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